Rahul Dravid appointed coach of Indian cricket team: Stalwarts also agree

Image Credit Twitter:@AdityaRajKaul

The BCCI has appointed Rahul, the new coach of the Indian men’s cricket team for the T20 World Cup. Rahul Dravid has a lot of experience and this could be due to his being the director and head coach of the National Cricket Academy. And even after this, his work as the coach of the national team adds to his experience a lot.

Rahul Dravid has also been the former captain of the Indian cricket team and has also been the chief selector. They have given very good players in terms of their skill level and balance of mind. In terms of skill, he has satisfied his senior players to a great extent.

According to Dilip Vengsarkar, in the present times, Rahul Dravid has kept the whole team behind his palm, and apart from this he has been a very experienced player but has also been a very experienced captain. And besides, he has played for 20 years at the international level. According to my, his presence will have a very calming effect on the team. Rahul is part of the NCA and that is why he should be part of the management.

Sandeep Patil, who was the hero of India’s 1983 World Cup, said, “It is a very good sign for Rahul Dravid to be the coach of the Indian cricket team. He will keep the health of the Indian cricket team very good and he knows how to do his job very well. He will handle it very well. His knowledge is going to be very helpful in cricket. No one can dare to question or argue with him.

I think if this news becomes today’s reality then I’ll be the person who will be the happiest person on the earth because Rahul Dravid has done a great job for the Indian cricket team. But Ravi Shastri has also done a great job. Rahul Dravid has done a great job for the India team; he is such a strong and educated person that even a little vain talk about his vast cricketing knowledge is tantamount to insulting him. Patil said these things.

If Rahul Dravid joins the new coach of the Indian cricket team, he will replace Ravi Shastri. And they have to start afresh. Because handling under-19 teams and handling under-22 teams are different. I have experience of all these three things, but still,l I have failed to handle the main field of The Indian cricket team. I have written the same things in my soon-to-be-released book called Outside the Boundary Line.”

Then it is going to be very interesting to see how Rahul Dravid will play and adjust with a hot player like Virat Kohli.

Because both Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are different types of players, one is a ball of ice and the other is a ball of fire. Even Ajit Wadekar is different from MK Patodi and Bishan Singh Bedi.

We have a variety of Indian captains available to indicate every game in terms of outlook and every possibility, which is friendly towards all these players and manages to strike a good balance. If Rahul Dravid manages to strike a good rapport with Virat Kohli, then it will be a very good initiative.

If we talk about Virat Kohli, then Virat Kohli has already resigned from his T20 captaincy and he will not captain in any upcoming T20 match now. And in Test cricket, he does not appear so aggressive.

It is a different matter that Virat Kohli once had a fight with James Anderson of England. It can happen to any player, because when we two players play together or two teams play together, then at that time it is about the relationship between any player by taking runs or with pressure. may be hindered. Even between the coach and the captain these obstacles can come. But I am sure someone like Rahul Dravid will coach the team very well because of his calm attitude and he is a very dear person.

“Rahul Dravid has contributed to the Indian Cricket system for more than 30 years. He has the capability to do something very shining with regards to the Betterment of the Indian Cricket Team.

We can’t simply ignore the sharpness and calmness of Dravid.”- Said Patil.