BCCI remembers 10-wicket Haul against Pakistan: Anil Kumble on 51st birthday

Image Credit Twitter: @ICC

Former Indian cricket team leg-spinner Anil Kumble’s 51st birthday is being celebrated and on the occasion of Anil Kumble’s birthday, BCCI shared a video, in which he showed Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets in a single inning against Pakistan. This moment was written in golden letters in the book of Indian Cricket Industry.

BCCI shared a video on October 17 at 9:30 am in which he showed Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets against Pakistan, where Anil Kumble dismissed the entire Pakistan cricket team in a single day, in a single inning. This video was shared by BCCI on the occasion of Anil Kumble’s birthday. The BCCI has expressed its respect to its former player by sharing this video.

BCCI tweeted that,

“Anil Kumble is a great Ex-Indian cricket player who has played 403 international games for India, The number 956 is the counting of wickets that he has taken for India in the international games, and he is only the first and last player in the Indian cricket team to dismiss the entire Pakistan cricket team in just one inning.

Remembering this occasion, we congratulate Anil Kumble on his birthday.

Let’s remember together that 10-wicket moment we remembered because of Anil Kumble.”

After this BCCI shared the video in which Anil Kumble took 10 wickets.

Anil Kumble has played 403 international matches in his international cricket career and has taken 956 international wickets.

Yuvraj Singh, a former player of the Indian cricket team, also wished his team India coach Anil Kumble a birthday, and while writing about Anil Kumble, Yuvraj Singh said that,

 “Happy Birthday to the Anil Kumble Sir, who is great by his work and also he is great by his name.  Anil Kumble, A great player, a senior, and a very nice person. I pray to god that you bring lots of happiness to your life. May you always be healthy, and may you always achieve success. Lots of love and many congratulations to you for your birthday.”

Anil Kumble is the head coach of Indian Premier League franchise team Punjab Kings recently and he is very disappointed with his Steam performance as he did not qualify till the play-offs.

Punjab Kings gave a very embarrassing performance throughout the tournament. Anil Kumble also led the Indian cricket team and apart from his leadership role is also a very good spinner, and has played extensively for India cricket on behalf of the Indian cricket team.

He had a good career in international cricket and performed very well in Tests and ODIs. His Test and ODI career are very good.

Anil Kumble has played 132 Test matches in which he has taken 619 Test wickets and Anil Kumble has remained the highest wicket-taker for India in Test cricket. He has also played 271 ODI matches, has taken 337 wickets, and has brought laurels to his country.

If we talk about the highest wicket-taker players in the whole world, then Anil Kumble comes at number four, who has got the most wickets. This he has done in Test cricket matches; apart from this Muttiah Muralitharan has taken 800 Test wickets for Sri Lanka. Australia’s Shane Warne has taken 708 Test wickets for Australia, England’s James Anderson has taken 632 Test wickets. After this, Anil Kumble has taken 619 Test wickets.

Anil Kumble Is the only player who has knocked out the entire Pakistan cricket team in a day. That scene has created a huge fan following of Anil Kumble. After that moment, Anil Kumble was at the heights of his career position.

But he did not play for a long for the Indian Cricket team. He has played very robust matches for India. And that is why every cricket player in India, loves him a lot and we can see this love in every dimension of the Indian cricket world.