Rahul Dravid has been appointed as the head coach of the Indian cricket team.

Image Credit Twitter- @toisports

The batting king, and former Indian cricket team captain Rahul Dravid has been appointed the head coach of the Indian cricket team. And he will take his official appointment from this Thursday. The BCCI gave this information and Rahul Dravid will take over the responsibility of his head coach by taking over Ravi Shastri, because Ravi Shastri who has been a full time course for the last 5 years of the ODI cricket team. They have exhausted their time limit according to their contact.

The advisory committee for the Indian cricket team, called The Cricket Advisory Committee, consists of Mrs. Sulakshana Naik and Mr. RP Singh, starting the tenure of Mr. Rahul Dravid from Thursday, which will be his tenure as the head coach of senior Indian Cricket Team & will be the head coach of the Indian cricket team.

This time, former Indian captain Rahul Dravid will lead the team for the upcoming home series which will be against New Zealand.

Rahul Dravid Ravi Shastri, who is currently the head coach of packing for Britain, will be appointed as the head coach of the Indian cricket team after taking over, because Ravi Shastri’s contract is going to expire which was for the coach of Indian cricket team.

Rahul Dravid will replace Ravi Shastri ji, because his time limit is over. Ravi Shastri had been the head coach of the Indian cricket team in 2014 on the post of manager in the cricket team and in 2017 also after the resignation of Anil Kumble, but in the meantime too many differences were heard between Virat Kohli and him.

 After 2019, Ravi Shastri again got a re-appointment of 2 years which was to end in 2021. Under the coaching leadership of Ravi Shastri, the Indian cricket team has played very wonderful matches and produced very excellent all-rounders. Ravi Shastri has been a former all-rounder of the cricket team, you have been a very brilliant player.

The talk of making Rahul Dravid the head coach of the Indian cricket team was going on for a long time. When Virat Kohli talked about resigning as captain from his T20 career and he removed himself from the post of captain in the coming times. At that time there was talk of the departure of Servi Shastri ji as well because Ravi Shastri’s time was not ending at that time, but by this time Ravi Shastri’s time would end after this tournament. And after this tournament, in all ODI matches, whether in T20 matches or other domestic matches and also in Test matches, Rahul Dravid will be the head coach of the winning team and will lead the Indian team in coaching.

Rahul Dravid has played the role of coach in the Indian cricket team and has worked with Results in India One and Under-19 circuits. But at this time Rahul Dravid is not very agile and agile but at this time also Rahul Dravid can play the role of a very good coach.