Rohit Sharma breaks Rahul Dravid’s record of centuries.

Good news for India came from England’s Kennington Oval ground where Rohit Sharma became the Indian batsman to score the most centuries in England by breaking Rahul Dravid’s record while playing at the Oval ground on Saturday. This news caused a wave of joy among the Indian Christian supporters.

In a way, this century of Rohit Sharma is the first century of England’s overseas Test match. Rohit Sharma has scored his first century in his overseas Test career of England. He scored this century while leading India’s comeback in the fourth Test match of “India vs England”. Talking about the figures of Rohit Sharma’s centuries, Rahul Dravid has so far scored eight centuries in England, but after yesterday’s fourth Test match, this record has now been in the name of Rohit Sharma.

Where Rohit Sharma made a spectacular comeback, scored a century at Kennington ground in England, and now Rohit Sharma has 9 centuries in England, after which Rohit Sharma has become the first player from India who has scored the most centuries in England.

If we look at the statistics of centuries scored in England so far, Rohit Sharma has scored one century in the Test match, has scored 7 centuries in ODI match, has scored 1 century in T20 match so far. Overall, Rohit Sharma has scored 9 centuries in England so far. And if this figure is seen in relation to Rahul Dravid, then Rahul Dravid has scored 6 centuries in Test matches. Two centuries have been scored in ODI matches, and Rahul Dravid has not scored a century in T20 matches. And overall K Rahul has scored 8 centuries so far.

On the other hand, if we talk about master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, then Sachin Tendulkar has also scored 4 centuries in Test matches of England, three centuries in ODI matches, and 0 centuries in T20 matches. With this so far, Sachin Tendulkar has made a record of 7 centuries in England.

If we talk from the point of view of foreign batsmen, then “Donald Bradman” has so far scored 11 centuries in England, which is the most.

This news has come as very relief news for India because, after the defeat in the third test match, this is the first century of the Indian cricket team which they have scored in the fourth test match. With this century, Team India has told England about their strong intentions and they have also told that they have come to win and they have the ability to win this match.

With this, Rohit Sharma has made another record in which he has scored centuries in England while opening in all three formats of the game and he is the first Indian cricketer to do so.

With this, Rohit Sharma, while batting in the longest format of his game, has also touched his 3000 runs mark on Saturday.

And if the score of the fourth test match is seen, then India has scored 270 runs in their fourth test match in London and India has lost 3 wickets so far.

But Rohit Sharma’s century gave great relief to the Indian cricket fans.

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