Rohit Sharma to become white ball skipper after T20 World Cup

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The story line of the Indian cricket team for the ODI match is about to change completely. Because at present the captain of the Indian cricket team is Virat Kohli, he is trying to relinquish his captaincy from ODI and T20 matches i.e. white ball matches. It is heard that Rohit Sharma will be in charge of captaincy in the formats of ODI and T20 Matches.

Virat Kohli is currently 32 years old, performing brilliantly in all formats of the game i.e. ODI, T20, Test match. He is the most successful Indian captain till date. And he has also learned to share his responsibilities at a young age. Therefore, captain Kohli will share his T20 and ODI format captaincy with Rohit Sharma. A BCCI source told this.

Virat Kohli has had several months-long talks with Rohit Sharma and with the management of the team. In this, he told that he wants to give the responsibility of the format of his T20 and ODI matches to Rohit Sharma as captain so that the burden of responsibility is lessened from his shoulders.

One of the reasons behind giving Rohit Sharma the captaincy of T20 and ODI matches is that Virat Kohli wants himself to concentrate on trying to be the best batsman in the world and be the best batsman in the world. BCCI source has given this information to us.

Virat Kohli has so far won 36 Test matches out of 65 and won 29 T20 matches out of 45, and 65 out of 95 ODI matches. Virat Kohli has had a very good career as a captain.

Rohit Sharma who is 34 years old is one of the best white ball opener in the world and he currently opens in all formats of the match.

Giving information, Virat Kohli said that he wants to focus his attention on becoming the best batsman in the world. That’s why they want the burden of captaincy to be shared from their shoulders. Virat Kohli wants to share this burden with Rohit Sharma.

At present, there is a stir in the internal corridors of BCCI on this decision of Virat Kohli. And it will be a little difficult to handle people on social media too. That’s why BCCI is busy preparing for all these things.

Virat Kohli says that captaincy in all three formats hurts his batting. The BCCI says that as captain, Virat has complete freedom to take this decision. BCCI likes that Virat Kohli is doing so much for the development of his team.

Virat Kohli gets along very well with Rohit Sharma. That’s why the friendship of both of them has also increased a lot this year. And Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli trust each other a lot. The same news comes from the dressing room that both of them keep very good with each other. Due to this, the balance of the whole team remains right. This balance is beneficial for Team India.

Due to this Mix-match, from 2018 till today, Team India has achieved that historic victory, which no one had even dreamed of. Team India brought Australia and England to their knees. Team India is sure to win in the next match with South Africa as well. Virat Kohli had also realized in advance that captaining in all three formats of the match could harm his art of becoming a batsman. That is why it became very important for Virat Kohli to share his captaincy. And now is the right time when Virat Kohli can share his captaincy with Rohit Sharma.