Some interesting and Unbeliveable facts about Rohit Sharma

Image Credit twitter- @ImRo45

Rohit Sharma has been declared the captain of the T20 format of the Indian cricket team. Now Rohit Sharma will also captain the India team in the upcoming T20 World Cup. And he will also captain the Indian cricket team in the ongoing India vs New Zealand home T20 series.

That is why today we will tell you some interesting facts about Rohit Sharma that you will probably never hear about Rohit.

So let’s start-

  • Rohit Sharma is a very big player of the cricket team and has become a big star in today’s time. But still they have a very bad habit of forgetting their things. He had once forgotten his passport while going on the flight, so a lot of difficulties were faced in arranging his passport.
  • Indian cricket team’s opener and T20 format captain Rohit Sharma’s jersey number is 45. And this number was given to him by his mother. And since then till date, he has kept his guide number 45.
  • Rohit Sharma loves to speak different types of languages. And that Nagpur, which is born in Maharashtra, is grown up there, but despite living in Maharashtra, he speaks Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, English, all these languages ​​very well and fast. And one of the reasons for this is that his mother, who is Poornima Sharma, is from Andhra Pradesh. That is why he speaks Telugu language very well. And Telugu language is his mother tongue.
  • He started his career as an off-spinner bowler. But today he has achieved success in his batting career through the motivation of his coach.
  • Rohit Sharma’s highest score till date was 264 runs. This score was made in an ODI match, which was going on with Sri Lanka, which he made in 172 balls.
  • He has won the IPL from two different teams while captaining Mumbai Indians and playing for Deccan Chargers. He is the second player to do so, in which he has also been the captain of a team.
  • Rohit Sharma had told during one talk that he had bunked his school to meet Virender Sehwag, and since childhood he considers Sachin Tendulkar as his idol. And try to play like Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Rohit Sharma is the only player who scored the first century in his T20 match. He showed this feat in front of Gujarat. When the match was going on between Gujarat and Mumbai, at that time he scored 101 runs in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 competition. He used 45 balls to make a score of 101 runs. And in those 45 balls, he also hit 13 fours and 5 sixes.
  • Rohit Sharma is the only player who has scored three double centuries in three ODI matches in the Indian cricket team. He is the only player of the Indian cricket team to catch this.
  • When Rohit Sharma was in his school days, he did not have money to play cricket and pay cricket fees. So he got this opportunity through his scholarship. He got the opportunity to play cricket on top of the scholarship. Rohit Sharma’s parents were very poor, and he grew up in a poor family. His father worked in a transport company and his mother was a house maker.
  • When Rohit Sharma’s father Gurunath Sharma had to lose his job, at that time the responsibility of the whole house fell on Rohit Sharma’s shoulders, and Rohit Sharma fulfilled that responsibility and he played Indian Oil and Ranji matches. Had lived the house.
  • In 1999, when Rohit Sharma went to the Cricket Academy for the first time, his neighbors and his relatives helped to send him to the Cricket Academy by depositing a small amount to send him.
  • Rohit Sharma’s mother never wanted to make him a cricketer. She wanted her son to study and do a good government job.
  • Rohit Sharma belongs to a Brahmin family and any type of non-vegetarian food is prohibited in his house. That’s why they never consume meat. That is, fish, mutton, chicken, they do not eat anything. But he eats eggs outside the house. It is also heard that once his friend had made him a condition to win a match that he could not eat 45 eggs. And Rohit Sharma easily ate 45 eggs.
  • Rohit Sharma also loves to play football and at present he is a big fan of Manchester United team.
  • After Sourav Ganguly, Rohit Sharma is the second player of the Indian cricket team to score a century in a knockout match in the history of the ICC World Cup. The first player to do this, Sourav Ganguly, had done such a feat in a match in Kenya in June 2003.
  • Rohit Sharma is one of those players. Who has won the IPL trophy from two different IPL teams. The names of the remaining three players are Lakshmipathy Balaji Pragyan Ojha and Yusuf Pathan, Rohit Sharma, along with Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians, won the IPL trophy from two different teams.