Abraham Benjamin de Villiers retired from all forms of cricket include IPL.

Image Credit Twitter- @RCBTweets

South Africa cricket team player and captain AB de Villiers has retired from all forms of cricket, and he has taken this decision on Friday, 19 November 2021. Due to this decision, sadness spread in the corridors of cricket and people all over the world gave different types of reactions on it.

A reaction to this also came from Google CEO Sundar Pichai where he said “What a wonderful legacy. This is the player I love watching the most. The IPL franchise also gave their reaction with the help of Twitter, where they gave their tribute to this great player.

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s team in which AB de Villiers was included as a player,” he also tweeted saying that, we all love AB de Villiers. And there is nothing to hide in that. Whoever loves AB de Villiers, tell him by tagging him on Twitter through artwork through some video or the other. And today also tag the official Twitter handle of Royal Challengers Bangalore, AB de Villiers will definitely be happy to see this.

Thank you AB de Villiers”

South Africa cricket team captain and player AB de Villiers has retired from all forms of cricket and now he will never be seen playing at the crease.

AB de Villiers started his cricket career in 2004 and since then he has achieved a lot in his career in 18 years.

AB de Villiers tweeted that, “I have to accept the truth now that I can’t play anymore, and every game I have played has been amazing. I want to inform all of you that my time has come.

Cricket has been very kind to me.”

This was tweeted by AB de Villiers on 19 November 2021

Further AB de Villiers said that it was a wonderful journey, but now I want to retire from all forms of cricket. Whenever I play with my brothers in our backyard, I enjoy the whole game very well. But now I am 37 years old. And I don’t think they have any little girl now who will burn very quickly and intensely.

AB de Villiers played his first Test match in 2004; he made his career debut in 2004. AB de Villiers has represented South Africa in 114 matches, represented in 228 ODI matches, and also represented in 78 T20 matches. He has scored around 20014 runs till date, and this score is for both his matches,

 He has retired from international cricket matches in May 2018. South Africa defeated Australia in the 2015 ICC World Cup under the captaincy of AB de Villiers, but they lost their second match with the New Zealand cricket team.

AB de Villiers has had a wonderful career as a player. AB de Villiers has also won the Most Men’s ODI Player of the Year award. He has won this award three times. When he played the match in 2010, 2014, and 2015 and AB de Villiers has tied with Virat Kohli.

Many people were saddened by how AB de Villiers took retirement from all international formats, including Virat Kohli himself.