Everything You need to know about the History Of Cricket.

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What is Cricket?

Cricket is a game that is played all over the world and with more than 2 billion fans, this game comes second only to football in terms of popularity today. According to historians, the game of cricket first started in England and after England, this game went on to fail in many countries of the world. And today, apart from many Asian and European countries including India, there are many such countries which are crazy about cricket and loved cricket very much.

The game of cricket has evolved a lot today, and it has changed a lot over time, but the main stream of this game is the same as it was about 300-400 years ago. That is why today we will try to tell you about those 300-400 years ago.

So let’s start-

History of Cricket

Cricket is very popular in today’s time, but there was a time when it was played in some places in western countries, today Europe, South Africa and Asia are the continents for cricket, which will never soften the sentiments related to cricket. He has always loved cricket very much. No sport is great for cricket fans except cricket.

In a way, in today’s time, football is such a sport that is most watched all over the world, and it has the most fans all over the world. But it is believed that in 1598 cricket which was also known as cricket at that time. It was a term used for a game that used a ball and a thick stick.

In the early days of cricket, there was nothing like a stump, at that time there was only a wooden stick and a cloth ball. Through which people used to play cricket. It is believed that cricket was played in Southeastern England in the 17th century, that is, a game like cricket was played.

Shepherds and pasture workers took participation in playing this game, and also used to make cloth balls from the wood they used to remove the wood and used it to play.

This game was first played more among children, but over time the participation of older people also got involved in it. The stump was invented in the 17th century while playing cricket in South Eastern England. And at that time people used to make stumps with thin wooden sticks. Similar games were also played in India.

It is also said by many that cricket was played in England in the 16th century and there is talk of the East India Company playing cricket in India in 1721. There is no reference to India before 1721, in which the talk of playing cricket has been expressed.

Today, a large number tournament of cricket is played in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and other Asian countries.

It is also said that cricket was played in 1790 by the then British Deputy Director William Byrd. This is the first example of cricket being played in the New World. In 1702, cricket had arrived in all of India, North America, and West Indies. But its first definite mention is not found in the 18th century according to many people. According to the first international match cricket was played in 1844.

Some people also say that cricket was invented by the children, that is, by the people living in the dense forests of England. But cricket was first seen in intense form in 1611 and that too in England.

Cricket is said to have taken hold in many rural areas by the middle of the 17th century, and the British began to play cricket with many county teams. But those teams did not have any names, the process of naming started from 1709.

Men started playing cricket in the 16th century, while women played cricket for the first time in 1745. And it was not an official match.

The first rules of cricket were written in England in 1744, and were revised almost 30 years later. As far as lbw, third stump, middle stump, bat width, all the rules like this were inaugurated in 1744 itself.

It is said that the famous Marylebone Cricket Union/Board of Lord’s was established in 1787 and they also made their own rules of cricket. But the pitch was not built until 1760, and the pitch was built after 1760. And the ball was also made correctly. A cricket tournament was held for the first time by men at a Lord’s Cricket Ground in 1787 and that tournament was the focal point of club games in Hampshire.

This journey, decided from the 16th century to the 21st century, made the game of cricket more and more flourishing. The game of cricket has made a lot of improvement till 2021. And today there are many teams available to play the game of cricket, cricket boards are also made, various types of domestic and international games are organized. The economy of more than 50 small countries can run from the earnings made by this game.