Sunil Gavaskar told why Indian cricket team is not able to score in front of strong teams

Image Credit Twitter- @virender_swag

Many people were heartbroken to see the very poor performance of the Indian cricket team. And because of this, Team India has just come home in the T20 World Cup 2021, because it could not be selected for the semi-finals.

On top of this, Legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has given some such suggestions keeping the team’s batting line and fielding line in the middle, which can probably give some advantage to the Indian cricket team.

The Indian cricket team completed its ICC T20 World Cup 2021 journey by defeating Namibia in its last match.

Sunil Gavaskar said that it is not right for the Indian cricket team to change too much in their team, because it does not mean that the Indian cricket team has faced defeat in all the matches.

But this means that 19 face defeat in their important matches. The first two matches played by the Indian cricket team had determined the future of the India cricket team, where Pakistan cricket team and New Zealand cricket team defeated Indian cricket team.

And after that it was decided not to go to the semi-finals between the Indian cricket team by winning all the matches.

Very good was expected from the batsmen of Indian cricket team, but they could not live up to it. Because of this, today we are seeing the Indian cricket team standing at our house.

It is a fact that in the first 6 overs of the Indian cricket team, only 2 fielders were kept outside the radius of 30 yards. The Indian cricket team did not take advantage of these opportunities in this tournament.

That is why whenever the Indian cricket team is performing in front of a good strong team, who send good bowlers, then the Indian cricket team is not able to perform well in front of them. It will have to be changed.

Apart from this, Gavaskar told that the Indian cricket team has only three or four such brilliant fielders who were able to stand in front of the New Zealand cricket team. We need some fielders who is phenomenal.