Tom Harrison went to Pakistan, hoping for a good relationship between ECB and PCB.

Image Credit Twitter- @grassrootscric

Tom Harrison, who is the Chief Executive of the England Cricket Board, will meet with Rameez Raja, the Chief Executive of the Cricket Board of Pakistan, and Prime Minister Imran Khan, to try to understand the differences between the two countries and the cricket board. May he all go away.

The official of Pakistan Cricket Board has given this information and they have got this information only a few weeks ago, that the Chief of England Cricket Board is coming to Pakistan.

Now on this occasion, Tom Harrison, who is the Chief of the England Cricket Board, will have to assure the Chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja that Veer will not cancel the tour of Pakistan in 2022 to play with the Pakistan Cricket team, and Will not embarrass Pakistan like last time they did in 2005.

Tom Harrison, Chief Executive of the England Cricket Board, will meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, besides the Chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board at this time. Imran Khan has been the best all-rounder of his time and he has won the World Cup for the Pakistan cricket team under his captaincy, and after that he turned to politics. And today Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

When the New Zealand cricket team was about to play with Pakistan, a few hours ago, the New Zealand cricket team canceled the T20 tour with Pakistan due to security reasons. And the New Zealand cricket team standing in the field immediately returned to New Zealand.

Before this meeting, England Cricket Board Chief Executive Tom Harrison said that the Pakistan Cricket Board is also making several plans to strengthen its domestic matches further and the England Cricket Board will also be involved in this plan from next year.

Rameez Raza, Chief Executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board said that I was deeply saddened by this decision of the England Cricket Board, and if it was that they had blocked the match played with Pakistan without any advance information and advance notice.

And was canceled because at this time the whole western countries are getting united together which is very unfortunate.

Rameez Raja said that we made a big mistake last time, because every time we talked very pampered to the teams coming from the front, and we appreciated them very much. But now we will not make this mistake. Now we will keep only as much from them as will be in our interest.

During the T20 International match being played in the UAE, there is a match between the England cricket team and the Pakistan cricket team, and before this match, the Pakistan cricket team will play several other matches. And in this time period the Chief Executive of England Cricket Board Tom Harrison is going to Pakistan. And this meeting was to be held from the beginning of this painting, but due to the bad results changed due to the pandemic, this meeting was canceled indefinitely.

This news is also exposed only when Australia decided its plan with England Australia has organized its three Test matches, team ODI matches and one T20 National match with England in March 2022. Such an event is being held for the first time since 1998.