When India’s team is in front of a strong team, they can’t score: Sunil Gavaskar

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The Indian cricket team’s chance to play in the semi-finals was badly shattered after the defeat of the Afghanistan cricket team. On this, former captain of the Indian cricket team Sunil Gavaskar said that there are many reasons due to which the Indian cricket team is unable to perform much in front of any good cricket team, and is unable to score good scores. This has happened many times.

On all these reasons, Sunil Gavaskar told why there are many reasons that prevent the Indian cricket team from scoring in front of a good team.

The first reason Sunil Gavaskar told that the inside approach of the power play played by the batsmen at the present time in the Indian cricket team is very dirty. And due to this the batsmen of the Indian cricket team are not able to give very good performance, because they have seen this in the last few ICC events.

Sunil Gavaskar, while talking to Sports Talk, said that the batsmen of the Indian cricket team have not given a very good performance, especially the kind of performance that was expected from the Indian cricket team batsmen, they completely ruined it. It is also not right for the team to make too many changes at once.

At this time you need to change your approach. It is not that the Indian cricket team has lost all the matches, but they did not need to lose all the matches.

Second, he should have had the best Twitter, which he didn’t have. He also disappointed many times in his fielding. The way the fielding of the New Zealand cricket team saved runs and took the catch, in the same way the fielding of the Indian cricket team did not show color.

Even if the batsmen standing on the pitch, do not score very good runs, but a good fielding can change the map of the match.

At present, there are only two-three players in the Indian cricket team whose fielding you can rely on. No one else is trustworthy. The way Indian cricket team has lost in this tournament is very shameful.

Especially the Indian cricket team’s failure to score in front of the Pakistan cricket team was also very surprising. These were not all the expectations from the Indian cricket team. The kind of expectations that were expected from the Indian cricket team, they could not live up to them.

Due to this various types of cricket intellectuals started imparting knowledge to the Indian cricket team led by Virat Kohli.

The performance of the Indian cricket team was so bad that they even had to rely on a team like Scotland, and even had to rely on the Afghanistan cricket team.

The Afghanistan cricket team also showed a very good performance. But just as it was expected, New Zealand defeated the Afghanistan cricket team very badly.

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