Umran Malik replaced Thangarasu Natarajan as short term pacer

Thangarasu Natarajan of the Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise team was once tested corona positive at that time when all the players were being tested for Covid on Wednesday.

In which he was found to be Corona positive, due to which he has been kept in Quarantine for a few days & Umran Malik has been replaced for a short time in his place.

Umran Malik is a fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir who has been associated with Sunrisers Hyderabad for a long time and he is a very good bowler.

But from the point of view of replacement, Umran bowling is a much slower than player Thangarasu Natarajan.

This information was tweeted by the official Twitter handle of Sunrisers Hyderabad saying that “He has given an update to the squad – where he has told that Umran Malik is a fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir.

He will join the Sunrisers Hyderabad team for a short time in place of Thangarasu Natarajan. Apart from this, Sunrisers Hyderabad also put a lot of crooked hashtags in their tweet.

Umran Malik has not been included as such, but his full stock has been taken. Umran Malik is a 21-year-old player from Jammu and Kashmir who has played T20 and List A matches.

He has taken about 4 wickets in every match in these matches and has already been a part of Sunrisers Hyderabad as a bowler.

An Item Franchisee has the right to make short-term replacements of any player in accordance with the rules, until that original player enters to play in a completely healthy and safe environment.

Sunrisers Hyderabad has later said that Umran Malik will be a part of Sunrisers Hyderabad only till Thangarasu does not recover till Natarajan.

Once after Thangarasu Natarajan, he will not be allowed to play Umran as the main player in place of Thangarasu Natarajan at Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Karnataka fast bowler, Thangarasu Natarajan has been kept in isolation ward for 10 days at present, where they have to test negative at least 2 times. 30-year-old Thangarasu Natarajan has played very good IPL cricket & he has taken 20 wickets in 20 IPL matches which is a good figure.

Once Thangarasu Natarajan recovers, Umran Malik will no longer be fed in place of Thangarasu Natarajan, because it would be a violation of the rules.

Therefore, until Takthangarasu Natarajan recovers, Umran Malik, who is a fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir, will be given a place in Sunrisers Hyderabad’s team of main players. But that would be only for a short period of time.