Virat Kohli Contradicts BCCI statement: White ball captaincy controversy

Virat Kohli
Image Credit Twitter- @imVkohli

The biggest communication gap in the history of cricket is coming out between Virat Kohli and BCCI, where the BCCI statement was given that Virat Kohli has stepped down from the white ball captaincy of his own free will and he will ask the white ball captain to focus on his batting. Resigning i.e., resigning from ODI matches.

At the same time, Virat Kohli, who is the captain of the Indian cricket team, that is, the captain of Test matches said that I have no information about this. And I was not given any kind of information to leave my post. And I was told not to leave.

The way this matter is being seen, if seen in this way, then this process has dragged on for a very long time.

If the basis of this statement of Kohli is made, then according to the statement of Virat Kohli, he has been forcibly removed from the full-time captain of the white ball. In other words, he was Sacked.

The way Virat Kohli has contradicted the statement of BCCI; such statements have never come to the fore till now. This is a very proud moment in the history of cricket.

The moment of biggest disappointment was when Virat Kohli, for the first time in the history of his cricket career, denied the statement of Sourav Ganguly, who is the President of BCCI. And he said that I was not asked by Sourav Ganguly to continue as the captain in T20 International matches.

It is worth noting that while issuing a statement, Sourav Ganguly had said that when Virat Kohli was resigning as captain from T20 International matches, the selection committee team of BCCI had forbidden Virat Kohli to do so, and from granting him the registration. was forbidden. But the way Virat Kohli’s statements are coming out, in the same way, Sourav Ganguly’s statement is also refuted. And thus Sourav Ganguly proves to be a liar.

During the media briefing, what Virat Kohli had said was about the departure of the South Africa cricket team. And what he said while giving information to the media, it seemed to him that both the words of the captain and the words of the president looked different.

Virat Kohli stated that whatever information you have got about communication which refers to any kind of decision, is not completely correct.

When I was resigning from the captaincy of T20 International matches, I first approached the BCCI and approached the selection committee. I had placed my decisions in front of him and told him my reasons. Then he did not tell me at all that he should not resign from T20 International matches. The way it was treated at that time was very good, and my decision was highly appreciated and that step was considered as a progressive step that was taken in a progressive direction. This information was given by Virat Kohli.

While talking to the members of BCCI on the phone, I had said that I will not resign from the captaincy of Test matches and ODIs at this time unless some major trouble arises, then the selection committee does not feel that I should resign. I told him all this over the phone and I left the rest of the decision on him.