Virat Kohli fights a lot, but I like his nature says Sourav Ganguly

Image Credit Twitter- @SGanguly99

On Saturday, while talking to the media, Sourav Ganguly spoke his heart and spoke about Virat Kohli’s attitude, saying that he likes the Test match captain in the Indian cricket team and his nature is also very good for him. But Virat is of a very quarrelsome nature, so he fights a lot.

This thing came to the fore when Virat Kohli denied Sourav Ganguly’s talk, saying that when he was resigning from the captaincy of T20 matches, there was no such statement from Sourav Ganguly, nor did the members of BCCI. No such statement was heard from the side.

After denying Sourav Ganguly’s point, Sourav Ganguly said in a short reply that I like Virat Kohli’s approach very much. But he is of a bit quarrelsome nature, so Virat fights a lot.

Earlier, while talking to the media, Sourav Ganguly had also told that he had personally told Virat Kohli that he should not resign from the captaincy of T20, but the cricket world seems very confused on this matter because the board The statement of the President of Control for Cricket in India and the statement of the captain of the Test matches of the Indian cricket team contradicts each other a lot.

Something happened that when Sourav Ganguly went to which event in Gurgaon, then during that event he was asked which cricketer’s nature and nature he liked best? Then he replied saying that I like Virat Kohli’s attitude very much but I fight a lot.

After that I was also asked that as a normal person and as the President of BCCI, there will be a lot of stress in your life, so how do you get rid of this stress?

To this, Sourav Ganguly humorously replied that there is no stress of any kind in my life and there is no stress in anyone’s life either. Only wife and girlfriend give stress. Many people laughed at this statement.

But now Virat Kohli’s statement on this matter is yet to come, but it is being speculated that no statement of Virat Kohli will be expected on this statement.