IPL 2022: Gautam Gambhir will guide our Lucknow Franchise says Sanjeev Goenka

Image Credit Twitter- @oye_nilesh

It is reported from New Delhi that Gautam Gambhir has been appointed as the mentor of the IPL team Lucknow. To build a very well-moving-forward environment and to build an inclusive team in the IPL team Lucknow needed a man who would. Knowing how to take the team together, Sanjeev Goenka, who is the owner of the Lucknow team, has appointed Gautam Gambhir as the mentor of the IPL team Lucknow.

Sanjeev Goenka believes that if Gautam Gambhir becomes his team’s mentor, then the team will move towards a cultural performance.

It is being expected from Gautam Gambhir that he will get an advisory daily and he will be able to work for the team as a guiding hand. And when the team has to cheer up and improve their performance, then a guiding hand will be required, the contribution of which will be taken by Gautam Gambhir.

Gautam Gambhir also has the experience of winning the IPL title twice to Kolkata Knight Riders. Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL tournament in 2012 and 2014 under the captaincy of Gautam Gambhir, and at that time Gautam Gambhir was playing and leading the IPL team. With this, Gautam Gambhir has worked as an opening batsman of the Indian cricket team and his contribution is incomparable.

On making Gautam Gambhir the guiding hand of his team, Sanjeev Goenka said that Gautam Gambhir will help us in making the blueprint of our team. Gautam Gambhir will do this job for the Lucknow team for a long period of time. We needed a man who had a track record in which he had achieved immense success.

The official Twitter handle of Sanjeev Goenka Group tweeted that the Lucknow IPL team has appointed Gautam Gambhir as the team’s Matter. We welcome Gautam Gambhir to the family of RP Sanjeev Goenka Group.

Andy Flower has been appointed as the head coach of the Lucknow IPL team and Gautam Gambhir will work with Andy Flower, which will mean that no-nonsense will be tolerated within the team.

Both the players are known for their tactical knowledge and they have also achieved success from their tactical college.

Giving further information, Sanjeev Goenka said that Gautam Gambhir’s image in the whole cricket world is that of a person who can do his work with full focus and does not indulge in any kind of nonsense.

Looking at the way Gautam Gambhir has led KKR to victory, it can be said that Gautam Gambhir will be seen inside the dressing room as the Gautam Gambhir who was seen in the Indian cricket team.