“It’s time for me now” Virat Kohli relinquished the captaincy of Test format (ICT)

Image Credit Twitter- @JSPSriram

Virat Kohli has resigned from his Test match captaincy after the 2-1 loss of the Test series against South Africa. And 15 months ago he resigned as captain from his T20 International matches as well. And he had given up the captaincy in his T20 International matches. And in December he was forcibly removed from the captaincy of ODI matches. At present, Virat Kohli is not the captain in any format of the Indian cricket team.

Virat Kohli has been the best Test match captain ever. He has played 68 matches as captain in his T20 Test match career, out of which he has won 40 matches. To do so, he has done the best performance as an Indian captain.

Earlier, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played 60 Test matches as captain. Apart from this, Sourav Ganguly has played 49 test matches as captain, and Mohammad Azharuddin has played 43 test matches as captain.

And if we give them credit for winning the most Test matches in his career, it goes first to Grammy Smith, who has won 53 Test matches, second to Ricky Ponting who has won 48 Tests, and thirdly to Goes in the name of Steve Wag who has won 41 test matches in his time.

Speaking on social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, Virat Kohli said,

“It has been 7 years of my hard work where I have tried to perform very well all the time. And with my patience and with the power to work continuously, I have worked in the right direction. Whatever work I have done, I have done it with all my honesty. In which I have used my 100% ability. But there comes a day in everyone’s career when they have to stop somewhere, and for me that day is today.

There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. But due to the ups and downs in my life, I have never allowed any lack to dominate my courage, my faith, and my hard work. Every time I have given my 120% in whatever work I have done. But if there’s something I can’t do, I don’t do it. And in my mind, this is completely right. And I can’t be dishonest with my team.”

Virat Kohli gave this information on his social media account.