Virat Kohli will play with RCB till the last match of IPL: IPL 2021

While releasing a video of himself, Virat Kohli said that when he will not water in RCB from the next season of IPL. But as long as the IPL goes on, he will play in the IPL for the RCB team and he made a very emotional video that filled the hearts of the fans of Virat Kohli.

Three days after Virat Kohli announced that he was resigning as India’s T20 captain and would not take up the role of captain for the next T20 World Cup, he showed his dedication to the IPL franchise Challenge Bangalore. It said that he would play for the RCB franchise till the last match of the IPL.

When the second phase of IPL 2021 was started, then in the next match, a great exciting match was organized between RCB and KKR in Abu Dhabi, Where the RCB franchise said goodbye to their 9 years of captaincy, taking the help of the team’s social media.

This journey of IPL is very long for Virat Kohli. Where he had joined everyone today like a new player and today comes by 2021, he has completed many years of captaincy in RCB and is one of the most successful captains in today.

But from the perspective of RCB, he has not been able to win a single tournament for RCB till date, 13 consecutive defeats is enough to break the morale of RCB.

When the match was being played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, then under that exciting and big match, Virat Kohli put his decision in front of everyone, where he has resigned from the captaincy in all the seasons that will come after IPL 2021.

Because he feels that captaining everywhere has a negative effect on his game. Due to which they are not able to play, and Virat Kohli wants him to get time to improve his game apart from the captain, which according to Virat Kohli can happen even after resigning from the captaincy.

Virat Kohli said in his video that before the start of the second phase of IPL 2021, he should talk to his squad members and RCB franchises about this and this thing was going on in his mind for a long time.

There is something in his mind that he wants to tell everyone and brother that he cannot handle the workload of captaincy in all the IPL seasons that come after IPL 2021 and he will take his captaincy in all the upcoming IPL 20 matches. Step down from.

 He further said that due to this work load over the years, his game has deteriorated a lot, and this work load had increased a lot in the last few years. He said that he wants me to be committed towards my responsibilities and fulfill them and he is being able to do that but the overload of work damages the talent to play.