Will Rohit Sharma 2.0 perform excellently in the 2023 World Cup?

India will get a chance to host the World Cup in 2023. India started preparations for World Cup 2030 4 years ago, but today we will know where that is Rohit Sharma ready for World Cup 2023? Will Hitman be able to play his best shots? In fact, Rohit Sharma is a very good choice for the World Cup 2023, as Rohit Sharma cannot be easily established. If Rohit Sharma had been satisfied, he would not have been at the place where he is today.

Rohit Sharma has scored double centuries in 50 overs games, during ODI matches and he has scored three double centuries till date. He has been the captain in one of the five IPL titles. Rohit Sharma is the most dominant batsman till date in the 50 overs format.

If Rohit Sharma wanted, he could have calmed down even at this stage, but he did not calm down because he is not easily satisfied. He has also faced Kanning’s ball coming at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

With this, he has also given a befitting reply to Anderson, and Rohit Sharma can be expected to perform very well in the T20 World Cup which is going to start in October. After that, the target of 50 overs World Cup will not be far away which is going to come soon.

Even if the 50 overs game is put aside, T20 alone has given Rohit Sharma a lot of opportunities, and Rohit Sharma has taken advantage of those opportunities very well. Rohit Sharma is a magician of the white ball and considers Lal good too. But understand the white ball better than the red ball. They don’t hate the red ball because the red ball in itself adds to the pride of cricket and they know it.

They know that Team India’s loss to New Zealand, that too when they were facing New Zealand in the 50-over World Cup with the highest score of 648 runs and 5 centuries, was a very embarrassing defeat because Team India was in a very good position. Winning a Test match, winning a World Cup, and earning the respect of opposition is all that matters in the game of cricket.

Today we see the second avatar of Rohit Sharma which is running in the name of 2.0.

Rohit Sharma is the player of the Indian cricket team who can make the most of the World Cup to be held in October 2030, and this time the World Cup will be hosted by India itself. And maybe India can write its name in the World Cup with golden letters.

We see the hard work of Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma has been working on his project 2023 for a long time. And maybe in the next 24 months, we will see the effect of this work. The franchise center of IPL says that we put India first, then India puts us first. And that is why we will see many changes in the World Cup, after the IPL 021. In the World Cup 2023, there is a lot of hope from India for that scheduled World Cup, which may be Rohit Sharma at a different stage.

Even during the match, Rohit Sharma was running away, that is why people said that Mumbai Indians could not win in front of Super Kings. But the World Cup 2023 can be completely opposite from the scene.

Image Source: Espncricinfo.com