Afghanistan vs Australia, ICC Under-19 World Cup Playoff match: Who will win? Match prediction

Image Credit- Ashley Allen-ICC/ICC via Getty Images

Information about The Match

The second last match of the ICC World Cup 2022 is going to be played between the Afghanistan Under-19 team vs Australia Under-19 team. This match will be played on 4 February 2022 at 6:30 pm. And this match will be played at Coolidge Cricket Ground which is located in Antigua.

Information about Both Teams

If we give you information about Afghanistan Under-19 team, then they did not start very well in this tournament. But they have qualified for the playoff match of this semi-final by defeating Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe.

At the same time, if we tell you about the team of Australia Under-19, then Australia has lost its last match to India by 96 runs, due to which there has been a big curb on their winning chariot. But the overall performance of Australia has been much better than the Afghanistan Under-19 team.

Information about Pitch

Now give you information about this pitch which is known as Coolidge Cricket Ground, then this pitch is located in Antigua. And this pitch is considered to be a balanced pitch, where the batsmen and bowlers can perform very well. But Australia has a much better batsman than Afghanistan Under-19 team, due to which Afghanistan may have to face trouble.

11 players of Afghanistan Under-19 team

Izharulhaq Naveed, Khalel Ahmad, Mohammadullah Najibullah, Naveed Zadran, Shahidullah Hasani, Nangeyalia kharote, Suliman Safi (c), Abdul Hadi, Bilal Ahmad, Bilal Sayedi, Ijaz Ahmad Azad, Khaiber Wali, Mohammad Ishaq, Nangyalai Khan, Noor Ahmad, Suliman Arabzai, Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, Allah Noor, Bilal Sami, Faisal Khan Ahmadzai

11 players of Australia Under-19 team

Corey Miller, Jack Nisbet, Nivethan Radhakrishnan, William Salzmann, Lachlan Shaw, Jack Sinfield, Tobias Snell, Tom Whitney, Teague Wyllie, Cooper Connolly (c), Harkirat Bajwa, Aidan Cahill, Joshua Garner, Isaac Higgins, Campbell Kellaway,

Match Prediction

If we tell you the prediction of the match between Australia cricket team and Afghanistan, then Australia Under-19 team is likely to win in this match, due to which we predict that Australia Under-19 team will win this match.

Chances of winning for both teams

If we tell you the winning probabilities of both the teams, then in this match Australian U-19 team’s chances of winning become 55%, and the Afghanistan U-19 team’s chances of winning become 45%.