BCCI Official Update: All Set to Provide New T20 WC jersey to India

Image Credit- BCCI

At 12:00 pm on 8 October, BCCI made a tweet, which caused a bit of heat in the cricket corridors and BCCI tweeted that “The moment we were eagerly waiting for has arrived.

It will be revealed on October 13.” The BCCI had put a picture below this tweet in which he had written “The New Team India Jersey”.

The BCCI said that the new jersey of Team India will be launched on October 13, and everything will be told about it soon. But what is currently the team India jersey of navy blue pattern, it will not be ahead.

There can be a lot of changes in this, since the time the Board of Control for Cricket in India has tweeted, people have started talking new things whether Team India’s jersey will be like this or that type.

And many kinds of things are being done, the disclosure of which will be prepared. This has been tweeted from the official Twitter handle of BCCI.

It is to be noted that BCCI had changed the jersey of Team India once in the past, where they changed the color of Team India’s jersey to orange, and many people commented on this and some people commented on that. Many people haveTried to give it a political form.

But ultimately the jersey was kept for only one match and later the origin of the navy blue pattern was reverted back, and today Team India is playing the match with its new jersey and the team for international cricket. The color of India’s jersey is navy blue only.

It is possible that now the New Jersey will be launched by the BCCI on October 13, in which the color of the New Jersey may be slightly different, but no confirmation has been made about it.

On top of this, cricket fans said that they are wishing for the earlier blue color, because in that color Team India was being led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and the T-shirt of the same color was also a lesson of great luck for Team India.

Bringing the blue jersey was very lucky for Team India and they won many matches in this, this blue jersey has become synonymous with victory in many matches won by Team India. And this time no one knows what kind of changes will not be made in the jersey by the BCCI. The BCCI will give information about this on October 13.