Australia vs India Women Cricket Team’s 2nd T20 International: Gold Coast

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In the T20 match between the Indian Women’s Cricket Team vs Australia Women’s Cricket Team, the rain made a strong interference in the T20 match.

Due to which India’s chance to level was left during the first T20 International match, and India could not place but there is still a lot of match left, in which India can get an edge in this game.

During this match, Australia is leading 7-5 and the subsequent Saturday will be very special for India, as it can create do or die conditions, and at this time.

If India loses it will be knocked out of this series, and Australia will win. But India is looking for opportunities to handle itself and India is also succeeding in doing so.

On Friday, there was going to be a T20 International match between the Australia Women’s Cricket Team and the Indian Women’s Cricket Team in the Gold Coast, but it was time for the rain to take its entry and due to this, India missed the opportunity to equalize and due to this, the T20 match was postponed was canceled but after that both the teams withdrew themselves with one point each.

It was later said that it was probably Jamimah Rodriguez who felt the worst as she had been preparing herself for this match for a long time and had warmed herself up for this match, but it was raining.

All their hard work was ruined due to this, the performance of India at this time has caught the eye of the whole world because they almost stopped the victory chariot of Australia cricket team.

In the Indian women’s cricket team, where the opener scored only 50 runs in 5.1 overs and Jamimah Rodriguez scored a score of more than 50 runs and Australia’s spin show also did not work.

In this ever-increasing competition, Australia demands better control from its bowlers. And especially it manages to balance everything else. But looking at India’s new plans, it is difficult to say that Australia will be able to win the India match because Australia has a huge all-rounder quantity, and their top 11 order is very strong but there is no dearth of top batting order in India too.

India had changed the course of the match with their powerful sixes, for this, Shafali Verma and Jamimah Rodriguez performed very strongly and brought Australia to their knees.

IPL t20 second match is going to be held on 9th October at 1:40 pm and it will be held at Metrico Stadium Gold Coast and if we give information about the weather, it is being told that there will be a scorching sun.