Australian Cricketer James Pattinson retires from international cricket.

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Australian cricketer and fastest bowler James Pattinson have announced his retirement from international cricket. He has announced his retirement at a time when the Ashes Test series with England is about to start in December.

James Pattinson is an amazing fast bowler who specializes in winning matches with his fast bowling. He has said that he has retired from international cricket matches because he has to focus on his family, and he would like to play for his country and stay in the state, that is why international cricket matches should not be done.

James Pattinson managed himself even after the injury and James Pattinson has played 21 Test matches, 15 ODI matches, and has played four T20 Internationals in addition. Due to James Pattinson’s back injury, he was facing problems in the game and he was unable to pay attention to his family due to the international cricket match. That’s why he said that I want to retire because I want to focus on my family and stay in my state and play for the country.

There is only one month left for the Ashes Test series to start and James Pattinson was expected to play the Ashes Test series, but he did not do so. Before that, he retired from international cricket, giving the excuse of his helplessness.

Starting in 2011, Pattinson played brilliantly leading to Australia’s win against New Zealand, and played his last ODI in September 2015 but has since injured his back and have not played any ODI matches since then. He played his role in the 2019 Test cricket but that role was very small.

Before the pre-season, I thought that I would give a wonderful break to my career by playing the role in the Ashes Test series. But I did not do any kind of preparation for the match, and I do not feel right to go to the match without preparation and now I want to focus my attention only on domestic matches except international matches. This information was given by James Pattinson on Thursday.

I would definitely like to be a part of the Ashes Test series, but if it happens then I will have to do justice for me and my team because I would like to play matches only if I can give my 100 percent in any match. If I can’t do that then I don’t want to play that match.

I don’t want to play a match in a position where my body doesn’t support me 100 percent while batting and if it doesn’t happen then it will be very bad for me and my team.

So instead of playing big matches, I focused on myself and found out that I only have 3 or 4 years of cricket left, and therefore I should focus more on Victoria and educate and develop my sons more. I need to put some more effort into the development of my boys. It is better to spend more time with my family than playing a match against England.

While praising James Pattinson and describing his contribution to the history of Australian cricket, George Bailey said that those who have played with Pattinson in the Australian cricket team know the nature of Pattinson and He does not want at all that if he is not able to give 100 percent, then he becomes a burden on his team. George Bailey is the chairman of the Australian National Team Selection Committee.

Pattinson ended his talk by thanking his Australian Cricket Board and he said that the Australian Cricket Board stood by him despite his injury. I had a great time with him and he treated me very well. And I want to thank the board very much for this, they have shown my own trust, I will always be thankful for that.

He showed a lot of trust in me especially at the time when I was injured, at that time the Australian Cricket Board showed a lot of trust in me. And if I can’t be indebted to them for that, then I’m not a good person either. I will always be thankful to him.