Cricket Australia gets Police help after leak of Confidential report.

Image Credit Twitter- @CricketAus

Cricket Australia, that is, the Chief Executive of the Australian Cricket Board, Nick Hockley, said that if the report of a well-known Australian cricket team player was leaked, then the police have been involved for it.

That report was very convincing and in some reports, a well-known player of the Australian cricket team was accused of taking drugs.

“The Age” newspaper reported in a report on Sunday that they had received a call recording in which a woman was talking to a woman in the high-class escort department. And he is Sean Carroll, the former Integrity Chief of the Australia Cricket Board, accusing an Australian cricketer of taking cocaine and dancing with different types of women naked on the balcony.

Nick Hockley, the chief executive of the Australian cricket team and the Australian Cricket Board, has called all these allegations baseless and said that neither any current player nor any former player has made any such mistake, for which something like this is being said.

Nick Hockley said in his statement that, I saw this article in the morning and whatever report has been told in it is completely baseless. And thus not Nick Hockley completely denied that report.

Nick Hockley said that it is very historical and in this way stealing any confidential information is in a way a very big crime. And concerning this report, we have also received a Police Assistant.

Whenever we hire someone to protect our confidential information, we thoroughly test their integrity line. This is our process, and we review it regularly, as it is our best practice.

The “Melbourne Daily” newspaper has said that he had found this recording in a paper sent by the encrypted mail service, and the address was also unknown.

The source of this leaked information was a Cricket Australia staff member who wanted to point out the shortcomings in their Integrity Unit.

Shortly before, Team Penn had resigned and he resigned from his Test captaincy before the Ashes match, but he retired from all forms of cricket shortly thereafter. When much information was obtained about this and an investigation was done, then it came to know that he did all this because of a sexting incident in 2017 from the Cricket Tasmania team.

Cricket Australia Chief Nick Hockley said that Cricket Australia is going to send its team to Pakistan to play there in March 2022, while Cricket Australia is aware that there is a new variant of Covid-19 Omicron there which is destroying their lives and environment in Pakistan.