Does Team India need any new combination? : India vs England test match

Due to the defeat of Team India in Leeds, in the third test match, questions are being raised on this combination of Team India. Whether Team India, which is playing a cricket match with the England team under the leadership of Captain Kohli, Does the combination of the playing order need to be changed or not?

Team India and the people of India are definitely saddened by the defeat in Leeds and due to this grief, people have started questioning whether there should be any question on the choice of Kohli’s team play order or not? Because one side, Kohli’s performance has been poor in the series so far. Due to this, Team India has to face a lot of difficulties. And other side, looking at the performance of Team India, it may also seem that the middle order of the team is going badly, perhaps due to this Team India is might think to reshuffle the player in the tournament. But there has been no statement from captain Kohli on the reshuffling of his team.

But the defeat in Leeds and the decades of expectation towards Team India may force Team India to make some changes in their game.

If Team India makes some changes in their order of play, then some players can be noticed on this;

First of all, “Ajinkya Rahane” will be in the middle of this debate as Ajinkya Rahane played an important role in the victory of Team India in which he scored a half-century for India.

Rahane’s score in this match has been almost fine but he has scored runs in the order of 5, 1, 61, 18, 10 in this series. This shows that Rahane should focus a little more on his game and he should be a little more consistent.

Because it may be time for a wake up call.

Now if we talk about the bowlers

Ishant Sharma may be asked to rest, Virat Kohli has issued a statement on this, dismissing that “Ishant Sharma is physically unwell”. Virat Kohli has said that Ishant Sharma is completely fine and can play the game.

After this, it will also prove futile for us to think about replacing Ishant Sharma but if Ishant Sharma is replaced then either “Shardul Thakur” or “Umesh Yadav” can be given a chance. Bumrah Siraj and Shami can also give us a good game performance. Because he has shown us well in the last several matches, there should be no need to replace him but the rest depends on the captain of the team.

At the same time, Ravindra Jadeja is also out with a knee injury but if he is fit yet, it can help India take a surprise move and maybe both Ashwin and Jadeja play together in the front line.

When Cheteshwar Pujara scored 91 runs in the middle of Leeds, he had ensured his place in his next match. But if we talk about Prithvi Shaw or Mayank Agarwal, then maybe they will have to wait a little longer to play.

If we see the essence of all these things, then it will be very difficult to say that under the captaincy of captain Kohli, Team India will make any changes in the shuffling of its play, that is, in the combination. Because it may be that due to the form of the captain or due to the strength of the England team, this Leeds had to be lost in the match. But Team India is still very strong on which no one has any doubt.

The most important thing is that maybe captain Kohli’s form returns soon and he will be able to do his best to make Team India win.

In the India vs England test match that is being played and the fourth test match that is to come, the chances of India winning in some way increase because India has already won a match by beating England. Also, England has just won India in Leeds. By defeating us, they maintained 1-1 this match has been leveled.

Looking at Rohit Sharma’s batting, it may not be appropriate to change him in any way and Rishabh Pant can also bring some changes in his batting and bowling. Due to which Team India can get some advantage. The rest will be on the captain of Team India. It can be expected that India will win this next fourth test match with a good score.

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