Glenn Maxwell picks his top five players in T20 format: Who are they?

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When Glenn Maxwell was asked that he had to pick five players, he named his favorite 5 players from all the teams that are in the T20 World Cup, who are located at the greatest level in their fields. Player Glenn Maxwell shared the name of one spinner, 2 destructive all-rounders and one greatest wicketkeeper-batsman of all time, and one fastest bowler.

The names of those five players are as follows-

#1 Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is the fastest spinner in Afghanistan. At the young age of 23, Rashid Khan has achieved the highest achievement in his career in all three formats of cricket. Every batsman is afraid to play in front of Rashid Khan. Every player is baffled by Rashid Khan’s shrewdness and Rashid Khan’s quality of handling various kinds of problems.

Rashid Khan has also become more experienced in his T20 cricket in the format and in today’s time is playing for many franchises around the world, and his game is impressing all the spectators. He already has 281 matches and has taken 388 wickets so far. And as a batsman, he has scored 1288 runs so far.

It cannot be wrong in any way that Rashid Khan will create an atmosphere of fear against the brilliant batsmen in the ICT T20 World Cup. And a favorable environment will be created for the batsmen from Rashid Khan’s side.

#2 Andre Russell

Andre Russell is the second choice of Glenn Maxwell, and speaking about Andre Russell, he said that there is no player who can compete with Andre Russell in the T20 format. This player makes devastating runs with his bat and completely fills the field with lightning.

Andre Russell has been an important part of West Indies’ T20 format, Andre Russell has played 382 matches in his T20 format so far scoring 6405 runs in each match at a strike rate of 169.10. He has also taken 340 wickets in T20 format.

In the international arena, Andre Russell has played 62 matches in which he has scored 716 runs and has taken 36 wickets.

#3 Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is a player with a combative and competitive mindset. It is this nature of his that has taken him to the heights he considers in the international career of cricket. He has written the history of English cricket, and so we can say that it is no surprise that Glenn Maxwell has named Ben Stokes among his top 5 players.

Ben Stokes has played 148 T20 matches till now, and at a strike rate of 135, Glenn Maxwell’s selected player Ben Stokes has scored 2865 runs. Ben Stokes is a good all-rounder and he has also taken 86 wickets.

Stokes has played 34 T20 matches for England so far in which he has scored 442 runs and has taken 28 wickets.

#4 Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist has been favored by Glenn Maxwell as his fourth pick. Because Adam Gilchrist has pulled the match out of trouble many times and has completely changed the game. He can be called a great wicket-keeper batsman in the history of cricket till date.

Watching Adam Gilchrist playing cricket is an exciting journey in itself, where you just can’t see by walking by.

Adam Gilchrist has played 102 matches in his T20 career so far in which he has scored 26 22 runs with three centuries at a strike rate of 140. But he has not played many matches in international T20 matches and has scored 272 runs in 13 matches at an average of 141.6.

#5 Shaun Tait

Glenn Maxwell has selected Shaun Tait as the best player of his five. And this player is Glenn Maxwell’s final choice. Shaun Tait is a very fast bowler, and on the selection of Shaun Tait, Maxwell said, “The player is still throwing the ball at rocket speed even at the end of his career, I think when this ICC T20 match at that time it will definitely create fear in the hearts of the batsmen.”

Shaun Tait can throw the ball at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour and due to this, he is also surrounded by injuries. Shaun Tait has played 171 T20 matches so far in his T20 cricket career and has taken 218 wickets at an average of 22.

These are the 5 players that Glenn Maxwell has chosen for himself and has given them a place in his top five.