Rashid Khan steps down as captain: T20 World Cup

Rashid Khan has dropped his name from the post of captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. He said that he has taken this step because of the selection of the team. Giving further information, he said that the Afghanistan cricket team which was being prepared for the T20 World Cup, had given some opinion for the selection of the team and the Afghanistan Cricket Board neither accepted his opinion nor was given importance to him. For this reason, he removed himself from the post of captain of the Afghanistan cricket team.

He said that if the words of the captain of the team are not followed in the team, then the captain will be left with only words and he will have no status. Rashid Khan said that being the captain of the cricket team, he should have been the number of the selection team, but his words were not accepted. Giving further information, Rashid said that his consent was completely ignored by the selection committee and the Afghanistan Cricket Board, and the announcement of the team’s selection was also done without his consent.

Rashid Khan, Afghanistan’s best player and captain of the Afghanistan cricket team, said that he is now removing his name as the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. He will always be proud of the fact that he has played for Afghanistan. On the one hand, ever since the Taliban captured Afghanistan, there has been turmoil in the whole country.

In this, when Australia also made it clear that if the Taliban does not allow women to play, then it will not allow Afghanistan’s men’s cricket team to play in their country. As we know, the Twenty World Cup will be held in UAE and Oman between October 17 and November 14.

Within the stages of Super 12, India has been clubbed with Afghanistan and New Zealand has been clubbed with Pakistan. These four teams will have to qualify for the first two matches and the other six teams have been placed in Group 1.

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they have changed the rules of the game there. There it is forbidden for the women’s cricket team to participate in the games. It is absolutely certain for women to do any work in any way. With this, the Taliban has banned the formation of women’s cricket teams only. He said that no women’s team will be formed or played in Afghanistan in any way. Women are prohibited from playing and working.

And on this, the whole world is watching this but is not saying anything. Despite such horrific violations of human rights, people are watching blindly. Meanwhile, Australia also warned the Taliban that if they stop the women’s cricket team from playing, then they will not allow the Afghanistan men’s cricket team to enter their playgrounds.

There is no official statement from the Taliban yet.

In the meantime, when Rashid Khan, who was the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team, resigned from his post and left his post. This has also caused a big setback on the Afghanistan cricket team. Rashid Khan has stepped down saying that no contribution was taken from him in the formation of the team being prepared for the T20 World Cup. No opinion was given to them. His opinion was not accepted. They were completely ignored.

Image Source: Espncricinfo.com