UAE’s dry pitch may pose threat to England cricket team: T20 World Cup

Image Credit twitter- @Eoin16

5 years ago, the World Cup was held in England where the name of Carlos Brathwaite was remembered against Ben Stokes, and this 50-over tournament was played at Lord’s ground in England in 2019. After the victory in this World Cup, both the players celebrated together.

Two important players had a hand in that title, and the absence of the same two players is being seen today in the T20 World Cup 2021, which is a setback in itself. Jofra Archer missed his last IPL match in the first leg of the 2021 season due to an elbow injury.

And Ben Stokes had started his play because Ben Stokes also took a very long break which he took after surgery on his index finger.

Due to an injury to his index finger, he did not play any match of any kind. He did not even play the home match, and this time also he kept himself away from this game. But the biggest problem that has come here is that he will not be able to participate in the World Cup in any way. But for the last 3 years, Stokes has been batting very well in T20 format cricket and that is why he remains everyone’s favorite.

Some teams of cricket have given more priority to the T20 format since 2019 and the name of England is also included in those teams.

Eoin Morgan had sent his favorite and best players to tour South Africa and India in the winter of 2020-21, but his players who are more comfortable playing multi-format cricket were given complete rest.

Due to his rest, it is being seen today that the England cricket team is not in a position to challenge anyone in the T20 World Cup.

If we talk about the current situation, in their last bilateral T20 match in England, they have won 9 out of 11 matches, drawn one, and lost one.

If the performance of the England cricket team’s past matches is seen, they have played 11 matches in their last T20 series, and out of their remaining matches, they have won 9 matches, drawn one, and lost one. But now if his match performance against Sri Lanka and Pakistan is seen, he has won five out of his last six matches and lost one match. But their 3-2 loss in March against India exposed some of its shortcomings.

Due to the tense situation in Pakistan, the England cricket team could not go to play with Pakistan, but at this time there will be a match between Pakistan and England soon.

But in T20 World Cup 2021, Eion Morgan has missed his best players of all time. He felt really bad for the England cricket team for putting the players of multi-format cricket to the rest.