Unable to join ashes due to Second Finger Operation: Ben Stokes

Image Credit- TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Playing for Rajasthani Royals, Ben Stokes was hit hard on his finger, due to which he had to get his finger operated, and this time he will have to undergo another operation on his finger.

Due to this there could be a possibility that his playing the Ashes Test series may be questioned and there is every possibility that he may not play the Ashes matches.

Ben Stokes was injured in April while playing for Rajasthan Royals, and since that time he could not play much further.

And at this time he is going to have another operation to repair his finger injury, and due to this there can be a big question mark on the series of Ashes Test match between England and Australia.

One of the reasons for this could also be that for the Ashes Test series which has been going on for so many days, the question of whether Ben Stokes will be able to play the match this time or not?

Ben Stokes is very keen on the Ashes Test series, he has said before that he will definitely play this message, but with the second operation of his finger, it is doubtful whether he will be able to play the Ashes Test series.

Will you be able to play or not? They will have to go through a four-week rehabilitation period after having a second finger operation where they will require total rest.

He made a comeback in July and was not bothered much by the injury to his finger, but over time he started having more pain problems.

And during the Pakistan Premier League, he started feeling more injury on his finger and he played three matches with steroid injections, but he could not start it further.

This infinite break of 30-year-old Ben Stokes has happened and he has not played any Test series cricket match continuously for a long time.

We can simply mean that he has missed the entire test series with India.. and now he is busy preparing for the T20 World Cup which is going to start from some month.

It may be that Ben Stokes will participate in the Ashes Test series between Australia and England this time, because on the one hand Australia has made very strict rules due to the concern of Corona Pandemic, and due to this, he may not be able to start playing Test series in Australia. But England wants Ben Stokes to play for his team.

But still the England cricket team is not putting any kind of pressure on Ben Stokes, because he knows that I am in a state of pain at the moment and he is not able to play any other kind of match.

Ben Stokes said that he has little contact with his team members at the moment, but he is talking a lot with Joe Root, who is the captain of the England team. When Joe Root was asked about it, he said, “I want my friend to be safe and healthy”.

A lot of controversial things have come to the fore in the Ashes Test Series match between England vs Australia and at this time the chances of this Test series going ahead are more visible.