Match Prediction: Who will win the 46th match of IPL T20 2021 between MI vs DC


In today’s article, we will tell you about the 46th match of IPL T20 2021 between Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals, which team can win this match to be held on October 2 and with this We will also tell where this match is starting and when this match will be played, along with we will tell you by doing deep analysis which team can win this match due to which reason.

So let’s start-

About the match and the location of the match

The 46th match of IPL T20 2021 is going to happen on 2 October 2021 and this match is between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. We can see very surprising things during this match, because today’s match will be very important from the point of view of playoff. Whichever team wins in this match will decide its place in the playoffs. With this match being very important from the point of view of playoff, both the teams will also get a lot of opportunity to show their strength.

This match is between Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals. And this match will be played at Sharjah Stadium in UAE which is located in Sharjah and this match will be played at 3:30 in the evening.

About Mumbai Indians

Friends, if we talk about Mumbai Indians, then we will know that Mumbai Indians have done a good bounce back after last few bad matches, due to which they can be seen as an emerging team. They have defeated Punjab Kings by a good margin. In which he defeated Punjab Ki by 6 wickets. The bowling performance of Mumbai Indians in that match was very much worthy of praise, because they gave in only 135 overs, which was not very difficult to achieve. If we talk about the bowlers of Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard was the most successful bowler, who took 2 wickets in an over and for which he gave only 8 runs. Jasprit Bumrah also took 2 wickets for which he gave 24 runs. After this, Kunal Pandya and Rahul Chahar took one wicket each.

If we pay attention to the batting performance of Mumbai Indians, then we will come to know that the batting performance of Mumbai Indians is going down a bit. And it is getting a little underperforming due to which Mumbai Indians are facing a lot of struggle in scoring runs, and they spent 19 overs chasing the score of 136 runs.

If we talk about the last match, Saurabh Tiwary was the best and most successful batsman of the team during that match. He scored 45 runs in 37 balls and for which he used three fours and two sixes. Hardik Pandya also performed well and he scored 40 runs for which he faced 30 balls and for this he hit 4 fours and 2 sixes. Quinton de Kock was the best batsman after this, who scored 27 runs.

About Delhi Capitals

If we talk about the performance of Delhi Capitals, then this team of Delhi Capitals has been seen performing very well in the entire tournament of this IPL 2021 and in today’s time it is at number two position in the points table. And in terms of performance, it has emerged as the best team in IPL 2021 after Chennai Super Kings.

But in the match with Kolkata Knight Riders, he lost the match by 3 wickets with a good margin. And the batting border of Delhi Capitals in Sharjah’s stadium was not very good. If we talk about his batting, then the batting of Delhi Capitals was not very good. Because he had scored only 127 runs on 20 and 20 and in this over also Steven Smith, the most successful batsman, scored 34 runs. For which he had hit 4 fours, after that Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant also performed well. For which he scored 39 runs in 36 balls, for which he hit three fours.

If we talk about Delhi Capitals’ Lalit Yadav, Axar Patel and Rabda, they did not try to put a single run on the scoreboard, and, Shemron and Shreyas Iyer scored 1-1 which was very bad. But there was performance.

Comparative study of both the teams

If we compare both, Mumbai Indians have played 29 matches with Delhi so far in which Mumbai Indians have won 16 matches so far and Delhi Capitals have won 13 matches so far.

Comparative study of last five matches of both the teams

If we do a comparative study of the last 5 matches of both the teams i.e. Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals, then we will know that Mumbai Indians have lost three out of their last five matches played & won two matches. And out of their last five matches, Delhi Capitals have won four matches and lost one match.

Today match prediction

If we try to tell you the test of today’s match, then you will feel that we are being overrated a bit, but according to our calculations and according to our calculations, Delhi Capitals can win today’s match. And there are many reasons why Delhi won this match of April and we tell you as follows-

  • First of all, Delhi Capitals is the second best team with the best performance in the entire tournament so far.
  • Mumbai Indians team will be under a lot of pressure while facing Delhi Capitals.
  • The condition of Sharjah Stadium comes in the favor of Mumbai Indian team.
  • Delhi Capitals’ brilliant players Marcus Stoinis and Prithvi Shaw will also not be included in the Delhi team.
  • The bowling department of Mumbai Indian is very good and all the players are in very good form.

Chances of winning for both teams

Delhi Capitals have a 54% chance of winning this match and Mumbai Indians have a 46% chance of winning this match.