Biography of Kane Williamson, the Kiwi’s Skipper.

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Kane Williamson’s Early Life

Tauranga was the place in New Zealand where Kane Williamson born on 8 August 1990. Tauranga is located in New Zealand. And Kane Williamson’s father Brett Williamson was a sales representative. And he had played in New Zealand Cricket Club. And his mother Sandra Williamson was a basketball player and was the representative of basketball at the club level.

Kane Williamson also has another brother named Logan, and he is only 1 minute older than them, and both of those brothers also have three sisters, and she has been a volleyball player of all three. And is currently a member of the New Zealand Volleyball Group.

Kane Williamson started playing cricket at the age of 14. And he played his first first-class cricket at the age of 16. His coach’s name was Pacesy Depina. He had said that Kane Williamson is such a player who has a great appetite to win and the desire to do something impossible.

Kane Williamson’s International Cricket Career

Kane Williamson stepped into the national New Zealand cricket team in 2010, and made his debut. He played his first test match on 4 November 2010 which was against India. He scored an unbeaten 200 runs in that match, which was a very good score. He played his last test match against India on 25 November 2030.

He played his first ODI match against India on 10 August 2010. And in that, he had scored 161 runs. And Kane Williamson played his last ODI match on 13 March 2020, that match he played against Australia.

The player of the New Zealand cricket team has number 22 on Kane Williamson’s t-shirt.

Kane Williamson played his first T20 International against Australia on 14 November 2021.

Kane Williamson’s entire cricket career

Kane Williamson is a great batsman and also a very good bowler. That’s why he has scored very good runs in every match, and he has also taken a few wickets. He has played 86 test matches in his international cricket career. And in these, he has scored 7272 runs. He has played his 86 Test matches at an average of 53.47 runs, and he has scored 24 centuries and 33 half-centuries in his 86 Test matches. His best score in the test matches till now is 251 runs. And he has also taken 30 wickets in his 86 test matches.

Kane Williamson has played 151 matches in his international one-day matches, and he has scored 6173 runs in 151 matches. He has scored an average of 47.48 runs in his 151 matches and has scored 13 centuries and 39 half-centuries in all his ODI matches, with his highest ODI score being 148 runs, and he has scored 148 runs in his 151 ODI matches. He has also taken 37 wickets.

Kane Williamson has played 74 matches in his T20 International matches so far. In which he has scored 2021 runs. He has scored runs in every match at an average of 32.59. And he has scored 14 half-centuries in his T20 matches so far, and his highest score in T20 International matches till now is 95 runs. And he has so far taken six wickets in his 74 T20 International matches.

Apart from this, Kane Williamson has played 154 matches in his first-class cricket so far. And in these, he has scored 12083 runs in total. And in his 154 first-class crickets, he scored runs in every match at an average of 49.2. And he has scored 34 centuries and seven half-centuries in his first-class cricket matches so far. The highest score in his first-class cricket is 284 runs. And he has so far taken 86 wickets in his first-class cricket.

Some interesting facts of Kane Williamson

  • Kane Williamson loves surfing very much, that’s why whenever he goes to skate, he never forgets to surf.
  • Apart from cricket, you like Ken and basketball game very much, because his mother was a great basketball player. And he loved playing rugby since childhood.
  • Kane Williamson was fond of playing cricket in his childhood, and he started playing cricket since childhood.
  • By the time he was 17 years old, he had scored 40 centuries in his name.
  • In an interview, Kane Williamson said that he does not care about his statistics but he always plays the game for fun. He likes to play cricket, so let’s play it.
  • Kane Williamson loves to do charity. He gives a large part of his earnings to charity. The last time he was having a match in Pakistan, he donated all his money to the children killed in the Peshawar attack. That Peshawar attack happened in 2014 and Tehreek-e-Taliban-Pakistan took responsibility for it. In which 141 people were killed, out of which 132 were only children.
  • Kane Williamson captained the New Zealand cricket team at the age of 17. At that time, he was captaining his Under-19 cricket team for the World Cup in Malaysia.
  • Sachin Tendulkar was the inspiration for Kane Williamson, due to which he started playing cricket.